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“Your low education is seen through your actions,” Pastor Jessica Kayanja bitterly attacks Pastor Bujjingo over ‘FAKE’ degree

Jessica Kayanja a wife to a famous pastor Robert Kayanja has had the last laugh at her long time enemy Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo.

The beef between these two started when Bujjingo bitterly dumped his long time wife Teddy Nakuswa Bujjingo, abandoning his children and moving on with his employee Susan Makula.

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When Jessica Kayanja started wanting to get them back together, Pastor Bugingo became bitter and started uttering out bad words that made their feud grow into real enmity.

Like any other Ugandan with a right to speak, when the National Council for Higher Education came out and said the university where Pastor Bugingo graduated from was ‘fake’, she had her opinion.

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According to Jessica Kayanja, the degree being real or fake someone’s education is seen through how they conduct themselves.

“I hear people graduated with fake papers but that’s not the main aim of education. An educated person is seen through their behavior you can’t have a degree and abuse people everyday or not know the meaning of marriage,” Jessica Kayanja said.

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