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Ykee Benda issues cryptic response to fans after Dre Cali was spotted in Canada (Screenshot)

Singer Ykee Benda distances self from Dre Cali’s court issues with former management
Dre Cali - Ykee

Mpaka Records boss Tugume Wycliffe also known as Ykee Benda has issued a cryptic response to fans after his estranged singer Dre Cali was spotted in Canada.

Benda signed Dre Cali onto his Mpaka Records label in 2019 and the pair had worked smoothly at first until Dre went AWOL in 2022.

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In January 2022, Dre Cali disappeared without notifying anyone and no one knew about his whereabouts, not even his management or family.

Ykee Benda mounted a search for his star until he got the news that Dre Cali had relocated to Canada to start a new life.
Many advised Ykee Benda to sue Dre Cali but it looks like he is not ready to do just that.

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On Tuesday, a social media user tweeted Dre Cali’s photo saying he had spotted him in Canada and Ykee Benda replied with a brief “all the best” message.

“Ykee we found @DreCaliMusic here in Toronto Canada,” wrote the tweep.

“Wishing him the very best,” Ykee Benda replied cooly.

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From this, we can tell that the Boy So Tender has let go and won’t persue Dre anymore.