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Bebe Cool donates breathtaking sum to Evelyn Lagu

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has donated 1,000,000shs to his fellow singer Evelyn Nakabira also known as Evelyn Lagu to aid on her kidney transplant. 

BebeCool joins singer Spice Diana who bought tickets to the singer’s ‘go fund me show’ worth 2,000,000shs. 

The “I Love you everyday” hitmaker has also asked president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to give Evelyn a hand again since she is not able to earn as musicians are currently not working. 

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“The situation is not good to us all, but I’ll donate some small amount of money which can also be added on Lagu’s medical bill but this message should go to the head of State, kindly help my daughter, I know you’ve helped her before. Those days when we were still working as musicians, I would have donated like 5millions but now we are not working, government is watching us but is not giving us a hand, even if you give Evelyn permission to hold 20 shows, people who come to attend Don have money. I’m requesting those that reach the president to talk to him for us.” Bebe Cool said while giving a speech at Lagu’s fundraising show which took place on 27th March.