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Frank Gashumba responds to posting fake car and flowers claims

Social and political analyst Frank Gashumba has responded to social media critics who roasted him this week.

This came after Frank Gashumba posted photos of an expensive car with flowers saying it was given to him by a beautiful woman.

Netizens quickly rushed to google and found that it was a fake photo, Frank Gashumba had downloaded the photo from Google

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In an interview with local television, Frank Gashumba asked Ugandans to mind their businesses because he knows how he wants to handle his Facebook and that’s how he does it.

Frank Gashumba revealed that social media bullies can’t intimidate him as a person after all he has a huge following.

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“People don’t have the moral authority to question how I run my Facebook page. When am logging in to my account, Facebook always asks me what is on my mind and that’s what I post,” – Frank Gashumba.