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“Urge led me into a quickie bonk with a fan in my car,” Spice Diana reveals

Source Management singer Namukwaya Hajjara also known as Spice Diana has left her fans talking after revealing the shocking truth about her s3x life with her boyfriend.

For quite a long time, the ‘Kwata Wano’ singer Spice Diana has never revealed any information about her boyfriend but she treated netizens and fans to a surprise when she spilled the secrets about having the best time with her boyfriend in a car.

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In a YouTube video, media personalities Doreen Nasasira and Bina Baibe, asked Spice Diana about the weirdest place where she has ever been bonked from.

Without any hesitation, Spice Diana quickly narrated the story saying she was chewed by her boyfriend in a car.

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Laughing Bina Baibe asked her how the experience was and she replied everything was fun and okay.

Spice Diana has for several times been romoured being in a relationship with her manager Roger. However, the alleged couple has several times trashed the allegations.

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Watch the video below: