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“Why don’t you step down for me to lead because you’re old,” Omukunja Atasera to Allan Toniks

Competition for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) different seats in the forthcoming elections is still very tight.

Over the weekend, a televised UMA debate was held for these aspiring leaders to launch their manifestos and publically ask other artists to vote for them.

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As the aspiring UMA treasurer, faded singer Omukunja Atasera used the platform to tell his opponent Allan Toniks to leave the seat for him because he is too old for it.

According to Omukunja Atasera, the old fellas as Allan Tonix have done nothing in UMA and they still have nothing to offer.

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“Why don’t you step down and I lead because all of you are old and you have done nothing to build UMA. It is our time to lead the Uganda Musicians Association,” Omukunja Atasera asks Allan Toniks.

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