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Home Entertainment UMA president Cindy Sanyu addresses Sheebah Karungi’s rape saga

UMA president Cindy Sanyu addresses Sheebah Karungi’s rape saga

UMA president Cindy Sanyu addresses Sheebah Karungi's rape saga

Lately, the internet was filled with the ‘Sheebah rape saga’. A number of men including Andrew Mwenda were listed with claims that one of them nearly raped singer Sheebah.

Sheebah later cleared the air after reporting the identity of the actual man who bad-touched her in her car when she had gone to sing at her birthday party.

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Despite many sympathising with the ‘Nwataako’ singer, some criticised the singer’s dress code.

In her music video and while performing on stage, Sheebah is one of the female artistes who appears on stage half-naked. So critics say she needs to change her style to avoid such cases.

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However, while speaking to local television, Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu defended Sheebah and other female artistes’ dress codes.

Cindy explained that people should stop putting the blame on their skimpy dresses, saying the event organizers should increase the security forces at events because they have no intention of changing their outfits.

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“I cannot tell an artist to change their dress code because their performance is what gets them the jobs. What I can recommend is to have more security, especially if one is dressed that way,” Cindy said.

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