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VIDEO: Mwenda’s pal Gen Muhoozi offers Sheebah heavy security to expose shameless ‘Role Model’ who nearly chewed her bean

Gen Muhoozi offers Sheebah heavy security to expose shameless 'Role Model' who nearly chewed her bean

On Monday, May 9, sensational diva Sheebah Kalungi through her social pages released a video emotionally blasting a shameless ‘role model’ who she claimed almost raped her in a car.

According to Sheebah, she had gone to perform at a party of a prominent person, however, things turned in the wrong direction for her anticipation after the official whom she didn’t disclose forcibly entered her car and started ‘massaging’ her bean.

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Since Tuesday, it was alleged by netizens that Andrew Mwenda, a friend to first son Gen Muhoozi Kaineruuga was the said ‘role model’ who wanted to feed on the singer’s sumbie.

Watch the video below:

However, in an interview with Mwanda today, the renowned journalist revealed that he is not the man talked about as is mentioned by netizens on social media (Read story here).

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It’s against the background that Andrew Mwenda revealed that he talked to his friend Gen Muhoozi who has since promised to offer heavy security to the ‘Mukama Yamba’ singer to reveal the evil man who wanted to bonk her.

“I have talked to @mkainerugaba who has promised to call Sheeba and offer her all the protection she needs in case she is afraid that revealing the person who raped her would be risky. The singer now has no excuse to fear to collaborate with police to arrest this rapist!,” Andrew Mwenda tweeted.

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Sheebah is yet to respond. Will keep you posted.