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“Stop asking me for new music, am still mourning my late brother Radio,” Weasel rubbishes fans

Mowzey died in 2018

Stop asking me for new music I am still mourning my brother late Mowzey Radio – Weasel

Singer Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja off the Radio and Weasel duo is not happy with fans who keep asking him for new music.

Weasel used to sing together with late Radio and the duo had hit songs that are still making their fans dance. However, ever since Mowzey died in 2018, there is no hit song from the giant music group Goodlyfe.

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In an interview with BOOM.UG, Weasle said he is tired of hearing fans ask him for new music yet they don’t even know his old songs.

Weasel said he is still mourning his brother Mowzey Radio and people should give him time and space to do everything he wants at his own pace and time.

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“Stop asking me for new music yet you don’t even know my old music. I am still mourning my brother Radio, give me time I will do everything on my own pace and in my time,” Weasle said.

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