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I didn’t copy Barbie – Nubian Lee’s wife Mutoni speaks out about husband’s tattoo on her back

Days ba, social media was awash with a picture of singer Ali Bukeni alias Nubian Li’s wife Mutoni Shiko’s picture in which she was seen with her husband’s face tattooed on her back just the way Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi aka Barbie has her husband Bobi Wine’s face inked on her back. This prompted netizens to give comments saying that she copied Barbie.

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However Mutoni has come out to trash the claims that she copied Barbie. She says that even though Barbie is her idol, the idea of tatooing her husband’s face on her back, was only inspired by the feelings she has for Nubian.

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“I didn’t copy Barbie, I was inspired by my feelings,I wouldn’t have done in if I wasn’t feeling anything for my husband. Love has no copying, we can’t copy love. I wanted something permanent…..” She said while appearing on a local TV station.

When asked why she put the tattoo exactly at the back not other parts, the loving wife insisted again saying that her intention was not to copy Barbie.  Accordingly, Mutoni says she’s looking forward to the day her husband will be released from prison and he sets his eye on the tattoo.