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Kuluthum confirms dates for her mega introduction & wedding with new husband

Dr. Hajjati Kuluthum Nabunya Muzaata, the widow of late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte is set to legalize her new relationship with the love of her life, Akram Gumiziriza.

Hajjati Kuluthum and Akram became household names in January 2022, when they both revealed that they were head over heels for each other, and now next on agenda is making their marriage official in a mega introduction followed by the wedding.

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Hajjati Kuluthum confirmed that she is set to introduce her husband to be in a mega ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony that will take place on November 25, 2022, followed by a wedding on December 18, 2022.

Kuluthum with her new hubby Alex.

“It is true that the marriage ceremonies are happening, Kwanjula is on 25th November this year then the wedding is on 18th December 2022, and only invited guests with invitation cards will attend both ceremonies,” Kuluthum.

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Despite criticism that came along when they made their relationship public, Hajjat Kuluthum boldly assured haters and social media in-laws that her relationship with Akram is a perfect match that was made in heaven.

Hajjati Kuluthum has one child with her late Husband Muzaata who died on December 4th, 2020 at International Hospital Kampala (IHK).

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