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VIDEO: Teddy Naluswa’s hopes to reunite with husband Pastor Bujjingo near Zero, See why

Sisters and Mother to House of Player Ministries International senior pastor Alaysius Bujjingo have welcomed his new wife Susan Makula Nantaba to the family leaving Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo’s hopes of reuniting with her husband near Zero.

According to the video watched by BOOM.UG snoops, Bujjingo’s sisters and their mother travelled from Rwanda purposely to meet Bujjingo’s new wife, Susan.

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Due to the lock that was on Rwanda – Uganda Katuna border, Bujjingo’s relatives were unable to meet his new wife and also failed to attend his introduction ceremony that happened last year.

Now that the border is open, Bujjingo’s relatives used the opportunity to check on him and his new wife.

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Bujjingo’s mother and sisters praised God for the reopening of the border and the waning of the Covid-19 pandemic that have enabled them to visit Bujjingo and Makula.

They praised Makula for looking after their relative Bujjingo when he suffered from Covid-19, and for loving them.

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Bujjingo said Makula and her sisters-in-law have a fantastic relationship.

The approval of Makula by her in-laws comes at a time when Bujjingo is seeking court orders to send his first wife to prison and compel her to cough Shs300m in damages and costs over contempt of court.

Watch the video below: