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Nnalongo Don Zella overwhelmed by h0rny man’s smartwire application to bonk her ‘Lusuku Lwa Cement’

Socialite Nalongo Sheila Don Zella is speechless after receiving many smart wire applications sent to her inbox.

This came after she announced that she is looking for a cute man ready to sign a contract and should be willing to hold her bag when leaving the car, call her mummy, and bring breakfast to bed.

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“Submit your smart wire application
You should be cute
Hold my bag when am living car
Call me mumm y
Provide breakfast in bed
No issues with dogs
Must Look nice 👍 and representable
Salary 200 a week
Shot put totawana
Submit pictures in my inbox it’s gonna be the contract date,” – Don Zella

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A few hours after putting up the announcement, her inbox was flooded with applications.

Don Zella, promised to read one by one and the winner will be given a contract.

“Omugenzi ekyamuse butabera serious I love the sense of humor in me thanks guys for sending the application am overwhelmed with the application going to read one by one era winner wakukwasibwa contract mulwatu musindike temujanga okwo,” Don Zella.

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