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Former NTV news anchor Frank Walusimbi kept his longtime journalistic passion in music

Just like how it is in hip-hop, many journalists entered the profession for a simple reason – a love of storytelling. Both journalism and hip-hop as storytelling have been found in many ways of the humanities. Storytelling is a valid way to share facts, ideas and to convince. The storytelling in hip-hop closely link to journalism where journalists want to reach their audience, to convince the reader that deep emotional level with their followers. 

On Thursday, celebrated news anchor and story teller Frank Walusimbi anchored his last Akawungeezi bulletin, according to NTV management.

“Frank Walusimbi anchored his last #NTVAkawungeezi bulletin today. He has served the station for over 15 years and we believe that his work with us including shows like #Tuwaye and #EbigamboTebitta have positively impacted many,” NTV tweeted on Thursday.

The station added, ” Thank you Frank and we wish you the best.”

Walusimbi joined NTV Uganda in 2006 when the station had just launched in Uganda and anchored his first news bulletin on 25th December 2006. His calmness, composure, superior Luganda dialect, and so much more have made him standout in the pack for many talented journalists over the years.

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Following his decision to quit, Ugandans who appreciate his work have since showered praise on the media personality including Ugandan rappers for having made the 7pm luganda news bulletin enjoyable for the years he has been on TV.


His interest in music started when he was in school at Rubaga and for some time, Walusimbi took the career seriously something that also saw him record a couple of albums under Joe Tabula’s production.

During that time, Walusimbi won all competitions that he participated in at Nsambya Sharing Youth Centre.

However, he dropped music over his long time passion, Journalism.

He says he grew up admiring the late Venatio Ssenoga who was a radio journalist, host of a well-researched science show on Radio Uganda.

Working with NTV Uganda since its inception, Walusimbi has been a fixture on Ugandan television for the past six years. His masterly of Luganda has ensured the continued popularity of the Luganda news broadcast on NTV every evening.

In 2004 towards the end of his degree in Mass Communication at UCU Mukono, he started writing humorous pieces for the Sunday magazine as he was looking around for other stuff to do.

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Just like hip-hop or rap music, journalism which Frank Walusimbi has been doing can also be poetic — full of word play, metaphors and snark. But at its purest, both journalism and rap are the most when it comes to powerful storytelling. These two art forms have provided a medium for those underrepresented to shed light on their neighborhoods, their communities, their stories and arguably just a few(if none) journalists have done it better than Frank Walusimbi in Ugandan visual mainstream media thus the goodbye and thank you messages from a couple of rappers on his bowing out.

See Ugandan rapper’s comments:

St Max Mayne– “I have seen tweets about @FrankWALUSIMBI’s retirement from NTV. If it’s true. May you Frank have a great time in the next part of your career. News was always better with you. We demand @NTVUganda another Walusimbi. Just like CBS Radio, NTV is a class apart in nurturing anchors.”

Gibbon MC-” Frank Walusimbi’s retirement is a call to students and graduates of journalism and communication whom he has inspired to emulate his professionalism—to uphold the legacy of one of the most incredible news presenters on national Television. Good luck, Frank, on your next journey.”

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16 Years of #NTVAKAWUNGEEZI.What a man.LEGEND.

Thank you, Frank. Okubye ekintu ekyo!! @ntvuganda @fsnakazibwe.”

William Yolo-” Uganda’s Media Industry still needed Frank Walusimbi.”

@Wake_256 -” A true legend takes a break! @FrankWALUSIMBI was the standard! Thank you for sharing your greatness with us and all the best!”

Ajo(@ajojam)-” The departure of @FrankWALUSIMBI from the news room is such a sad thing. Damn! All the best to him on his next appointment, but for us that watch #NTVAKAWUNGEEZI will miss him.”

Beck UG(@Beck_UG)-” One thing that we must be thankful for in Ugandan Journalism is watching @FrankWALUSIMBI.His calmness,composure & style. Thank You #EndofanEra.”

JK Lubanto(@jklubanto)-” Comrade @FrankWALUSIMBI, as a country, we owe you a round of applause in appreciation of your excellent service in journalism. Your journalistic work has been in the best tradition. It has been about truth, good quality, and insight. Watching your next move(s) with interest.”