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“My behaviors changed, trust me please,” King Saha responds to Bebe Cool ahead of UMA elections

Singer and Uganda Musician Association (UMA) aspiring president King Saha real name Ssemanda Mansour is still hunting for fellow singer Bebe Cool’s trust in him.

In 2019, King Saha appeared on Bebe Cool’s famous artiste list of the year, but it was all about warning him to stop using drugs because they will affect his talent.

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King Saha took it personally and bitterly attacked Bebe Cool and since then, the singers have not been seeing eye to eye.

When he contested for UMA’s top seat, Bebe Cool came out again and said King Saha doesn’t deserve to lead artists yet he doesn’t serve as a good example by taking drugs.

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In an interview with local television, King Saha revealed that he needs Bebe Cool’s support and vote.

King Saha explained that he changed, he no longer smokes like he used to, so Bebe Cool should believe in him.

“I need Bebe Cool’s support and vote and I know he will support me. He used to say I take drugs but that was then. I am a changed and grown-up person now he should just believe in me like the way Allah believed in Musa,” King Saha said.

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