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“I forgive myself,” BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi consoles self with an emotional birthday letter

BBS TV presenter and actress Diana Nabatanzi is celebrating another year today and has celebrated her big day with an emotional letter to herself.

For the past year, Diana Nabatanzi has been trending in the news after her secret bonking with Masaka City businessman Lwasa Emmanuel went public.

Reports hit her hard, and she went through tough times as Lwasa kept on bitter shooting bullets at her that left her shame.

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However, in her birthday letter to herself, Diana Nabatanzi has revealed that she is starting another chapter of her life. She said that she forgives herself because she deserves peace.

Diana Nabatanzi – Source: Instagram

Diana Nabatanzi added that she is also human and she makes mistakes but she chooses to move on and celebrate herself for being who she is.

Today I start another chapter of my life. I forgive myself because I deserve peace. I love the woman I’ve become, with all the flaws, imperfections & no regrets for being human. I still choose to celebrate myself for being who iam, for understanding me better, finding myself & choosing me first. Its been a trying time with all the storm that has natured apart of my life. I wont be trapped in the darkness of shattered minds & today i leave the shadows of the past in the past….

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To the ones I inspire, just accept me the way iam, because this is who iam. Thank you for loving me, believing in me & supporting my carrier. Am welcoming my new age with pride & starting another journey of my life called “acceptance” its a walk of choice, lets walk together with love, because it’s the only way to start all over again.

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Happy Birthday, Diana!