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“I can’t go back to CBS FM to earn peanuts, my TV pays huge” – Kato Lubwama

The outgoing Lubaga South Member of Parliament, singer, and actor Kato Lubwama has continuously bragged about his wealth saying parliamentary salary is nothing to him. 

The motor-mouthed MP asserts that his loss in the last concluded January elections won’t force him to go back to earn peanuts at CBS FM where he was formerly working because his TV (Biliv TV) pays better.

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Kato alleges that his Biliv TV is worth 5billions.

Lubwama recently revealed that he joined politics when he’s a rich man. He says his loss has not changed his financial status. He assured critics that he is still driving his posh SUV and living in his big Mutundwe Mansion an indicator that he is still a moneybag. 

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In 2016, the seasoned comedian requested his supporters to vote for him so he can go to parliament and eat floating cash which they did religiously. However, in the 2021 elections, he lost to National Unity Platform’s ALOYSIUS MUKASA.