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Ykee Benda speaks out on parting ways with Dre Cali

We recently reported to you that Singer Dre Cali split from Ykee Benda’s Mpaka records management and fled to Canada. 

The news about the split was announced by NBS television’s presenter Isaac Kawaalya aka Kayz who explained that the singer got a 10 year Visa in Canada where he had gone to perform. 

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Ykee Benda through his Mpaka records company has today afternoon released a statement rubbishing the rumours.

In the statement, Mpaka records state that they are still in good relations with the “Ebisembayo” hitmaker.

“This release is to notify the public and all out stakeholders that Mpaka records have no existing disagreement with Dre Cali. Mpaka records is in close ties with Dre Cali and his family hoping to understand and clarify issues around Dre Cali’s traveling to Canada. ” The statement partly reads

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They added that they will handle any issues with the singer amicably.

“As a business, we are committed to understanding this situation and if there is any issues it will be sorted amicably. Any other information will be shared with the press as we are able to establish an official position,” The statement reads further.

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