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Winnie Nwagi fights another fan for pushing himself in her ‘sumbie’ from behind (Watch Video)

Songstress Winnie Nwagi has no Patience for disrespectful fans. Anytime they try acting disrespectful towards her, she defends herself by fighting. 

Years ago, the singer kicked a journalist who was trying to take pictures of her private parts while she was performing on stage. 

Even after that, some fans are still obsessed with her yoyo and are willing to take any risks and have its pictures.

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Recently, she was performing her “Matala” hit song when a male fan got out their phone and started filming her private parts, something that got her furious.

Fire baby paused her performance and sent two striking slaps towards the fan while warning him to stop filming her. 

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Many Ugandans on social media have blasted her after seeing the video. These are claiming that she attracted the fan by wearing skimpy clothes for the show. 

Meanwhile, another Swangz Avenue’s singer Vinka also kicked a male fan during a live performance in South Sudan when he tried touching her private parts weeks ago.

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The disrespect for female artists is still common in most African countries. Days ago, Singer Spice Diana also survived getting raped on stage by a male fan.

Watch the video below: