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“Genda okigambe nyoko!” BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi has lost her cool and hit hard at fan pushing her to get married (Screenshot)

Except for the time she mocked and laughed at the famous “Muwunya boys” during the Yolesa Ekitone talent search, BBS Television presenter Diana Nabatanzi is known for being humble and polite with people. 

She however lost her cool hours ago and insulted a critic who told her to get married.

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“Fumbirwa va mukwekozza” Ivan Dearly commented on Nabatanzi’s posts on Facebook. 

Nabatanzi responded to the comment and told Ivan to give advice to his mother instead for she is tired.

“Kigambye nyoko nze ndi mukowu. Because you have a miserable life you think everyone should be miserable. People like you with such mentality of forcing every celebrity on social media to get married yet no one in your clan has ever had an introduction certificate.” Nabatanzi blasted the critic

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“Stay in your lane and focus on how to better your life because I’m too busy focusing on mine,” She added.

Moments after blasting him, she deleted her comment but BOOM.UG had already taken the screenshot. See it below.