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Home Entertainment Superstar Pallaso sweeps Masaka City roads for turning up late on stage,...

Superstar Pallaso sweeps Masaka City roads for turning up late on stage, Kasuku heaps him praises

Pallaso forced to sweep Masaka city after turning up late for music show

On Tuesday, February 15, Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso was forced to sweep Masaka streets clean after arriving at the concert late on Valentine’s day.

Pallaso happily swept the streets accompanied by his fans and also took to his Instagram to apologize for arriving at the concert late and promised to always come early.

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Pallaso sweping masaka streets on Tuesday.

His brave action prompted Spark TV presenter Kusuku real name Katende Isaac to applaud his good response to the fans saying even other artists should learn from him because it’s a common habit especially on special days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year, among others.

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“I love what Pallaso did. He knew he made a mistake by arriving late at the concert and he did whatever they asked him to do. I am not saying artists should be looked down like this but if you do a mistake admit it and apologize.

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“Other artists should take his example not by sweeping the streets but by respecting fans,” Kasuku said.