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Home Entertainment Netizens expose “broken eggs-boy” who has been scamming Kampala residents

Netizens expose “broken eggs-boy” who has been scamming Kampala residents

While walking around downtown Kampala, you’ll see a number of children screaming “poverty, suffering, and pain”. Some of them are always seen begging for money from people while others have small items they are retailing. 

Some days, you will see a little boy stranded with broken eggs. The boy is seated by a roadside, with a bucket containing like five eggs while more eggs are on the ground broken.

The boy is almost dropping a tear or two and that can be evidenced by his gloomy and scared face. 

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If you have emotions, this situation will force you to touch your pockets and bring out money to cover his loss.

Indeed, many people have been touched by this boy’s situation and they have covered his loss.

The unfortunate truth is that the loss is always an intended one. 

The boy’s trick has finally been realised and at this moment it looks like he won’t be making money anymore. 

An innocent Ugandan took to Twitter and posted a picture of before and after. The before was of the boy when he was stuck with his broken eggs alongside the road while the after was when this person had finished covering the boy’s loss and put a smile on his face. This Twitter user was encouraging people to always come through for others just the way he came through for the little boy. 

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Moments after the tweet was made, another user said he once found that specific boy stuck with broken eggs and he covered his loss too. Many other people posted pictures of the same boy stuck on different Kampala roads with his broken eggs and revealed that they also covered his loss. 

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Netizens confirmed that the little boy was intentionally breaking the eggs to get money from sympathisers. Upon getting his money, he picks his eggs and goes to do the same trick in other locations. 

He has been spotted on roads in Ntinda, Kamwokya, Bukoto among others.