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‘Pressure Ya Love’ hitmaker Faridah Walden reveals why she quit music for Midwifery

Faridah Walden is remembered for her hit song “Pressure Ya Love” which she sang with sensational singer Chozen Blood. The song became a hit in the 2010s taking airwaves by a storm. 

The singer, however, did not give her thirsty fans more music as she left the country for UK to take on a dream career of being a midwife. 

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Once in a while, the singer visits her motherland and catches up with her family members and friends. 

This time, she was able to sacrifice time for an interview with Faridah Nakazibwe on Mwasuzye Mutya where she revealed why she quit music.

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Walden stressed that even though she loved music, she found something else that took her attention. 

“Music is a passion for me. I wanted to find another and found it in midwifery,” She said. 

Faridah Walden

Walden is now a full-time midwife in UK where she earns a heavy salary and joy. 

Faridah Walden

She however added that she didn’t completely quit music as she still performs whenever she can.

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“I still sing but not as a profession. I sing because I have a talent and if someone is paying for it, there is no problem. But now, I am a full-time midwife,” She stressed. 

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