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Jose Chameleone runs off his sick bed to attend Pombe Magufuli’s Vigil

Singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has jumped off his sick bed for a flight to Tanzania to attend Tanzania for late President Pombe Magufuli’s vigil.

Chameleone who has been admitted in hospital for days say he couldn’t miss the vigil.

Together with his younger brother Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso are among the few Ugandan artists who have left the country to attend Magufuli’s vigil.

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“Joseph: Take me off this drip, I got a vigil in Tz
Dorctor: can you wait
Joseph: I got to go,” he captioned a picture of himself lying on a hospital bed with a cannula on his arm.

Later in the video released on their respective social media pages Chameleone and Pallaso are seen boarding a plane as they head to Tanzania.

Upon the arrival Chameleone symphonized with his Tanzanian brothers and sisters as he mourned president Magufuli.

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“I witnessed the life of such a great African leader, Rais John Joseph Pombe Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania. I pay respect and salute to the legacy he wrote on the hearts of the common man. I will join my Tanzanian brothers and sisters to lay baba to rest in Chato. Rest in Power “BullDozer” #RipMagufuli 🇹🇿💔”, Jose posted upon his arrival at the vigil.

“May your soul Rest In Peace our beloved leader Mr Magufuli. The love your people have for you speaks volumes. May God have mercy on you.” – Pallaso also posted.