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“Your drug addicted son was unfit for SMACK,” Isma Olaxess attacks Bobi Wine

Social media blogger Ismail Tusubira also known as Jaja Ichuli aka Isma Olaxess still has no kind words for the National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine and son Solomon Kampala.

Last week a video of Bobi Wine in a Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) school meeting at St Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) defending his son over the use of drugs and attacking the headteacher Brother Deodati Aliganyira for expelling him from school made rounds on social media.

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Many Ugandans Isma Olaxess inclusive reacted to that video. In his statement, Isma Olaxess said Bobi Wine would have handled the matter of his son in a more professional way because his son Solomon didn’t have the points to take him to SMACK they just helped him to let him study from there.

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Isma Olaxess went ahead and said Bobi Wine is looking for public sympathy instead of disciplining his son over the use of drugs.

“Bobi Wine is just looking for public sympathy. He knows very well his son smokes, he knows he is an average student he wouldn’t have even complained.

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“The time he used to attack the headteacher, he would have used it to discipline Solomon. He shouldn’t think politics is applied everywhere,” Isma Olaxess said in an interview with local Television.