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Spark TV’s Flavia Mawagi trash Caroline Marcah relationship live on air, HIV+ remarks turns MC Kats off

During her first show on Spark TV, Flavia Mawagi questioned Carolyn Marcah and Mc Kats’ relationship Wondering why Marcah decided to date someone who’s HIV positive.

The comment called for insults from Mc Kats’ diehards who have since then demanded for an apology from Flavia as well as requesting spark TV to fire her immediately.

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Celebrated Mcee has vowed to sue her saying that she should stop stigmatising him because he still has children and a life to live.

“I still have a life and kids. I for once want the law to work. So I’m suing whoever is concerned …….” Kats said through his Twitter account where he also tagged different organisations including Taso Uganda, USAID, World Vision USA among others.

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The legendary Mcee explains further that he is Mc Kats not HIV.

Flavia’s comment cames after the MC confirmed that he is in a romantic relationship with Carolyn.

Kats announced he’s HIV positive early last year.