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Chosen Becky’s husband apologises to fans on her behalf as fraud accusations surge

While singer Chosen Becky and her Management have deliberately refused to apologise to their fans and clients for purportedly taking cash from a client and failed to perform, the singer’s husband Dictator Amir has apologized on his wife’s behalf.

Amir apologized in the comment section of a Facebook post where Becky was being trolled.

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“Ffena tuli Bantu bambi atte tetuli perfect but kyona ekigenze obubi mutusasire tukola butawera okutereza bulikimu to your expectations. Bambi mwebale kumuwagira” he said.

Chosen Becky is being accused of fraud after she allegedly took 1million Ugandan shillings from a one Vivian and failed to perform at her introduction ceremony.

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Vivian demands that Becky pays back her money however the singer’s management claims that the money was given to Radio presenter Selector Williams who worked as a middle man hence advising her to demand it from him not them.

On the contrary, the disappointed fan insists that she gave the money to Chosen who even gave her receipts.

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