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Home Entertainment Chosen Becky finds herself in HOT SOUP over 1M fraud

Chosen Becky finds herself in HOT SOUP over 1M fraud

Chosen Becky finds herself in HOT SOUP over 2M fraud
Chosen Becky

Recently a woman just recognized as Vivian blamed fast rising artist Kukiriza Rebbeca alias Chosen Becky of defrauding her money worth 1million Ugandan Shillings.

Vivian claims that Becky was paid to preform at her introduction ceremony but she showed up late and to aggravate it, refused to perform.

Be that as it may, Becky along with her administration claim Vivian neglected to make payment to nil which came about to singer’s refusal to perform. The singer’s management claim Vivian sent the cash to radio presenter Selector Williams so she demands Vivian to deal with Williams to get her money.

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“The money was given to Selector Williams, he ate it and told Becky to go and preform for free something I couldn’t allow to happen,” Becky’s manager Kiyingi says.

Notwithstanding, Williams denies receiving money from the baffled woman adding that Becky and her management have additionally conned a companion of his whom he connected to them.

“My friend asked for Becky’s number and I gave it to her. I informed Becky that someone was going to call her. Later, my friend calls me again telling me that they were disappointed in Becky’s behaviors, that she took their money and didn’t perform” Williams narrates.

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Additionally Williams stresses that upon calling Becky to inquire about the matter, she rudely hanged-up on him. Because of this, the radio presenter says that he threatened to expose the singer if she didn’t pay the client which her manager begged him not to.

“I told him I would go on radio and expose them if they don’t pay people’s money. He begged me not to,” he says.

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With Williams and Becky’s management pushing blame on each other, the lady insists that she gave the money to chosen Becky who also responded to her messages confirming that she indeed had received the money. Vivian says she did not make any agreements with anyone else apart from Becky.

We shall keep you posted.