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Spark TV’s Precious Remmie vows to work on Maama Fiina should she dare help Bindeeba’s baby mama Sophia

Reports coming onto BOOM.UG News desk alleges that Spark TV Live Wire show host Precious Remmie aka Ray P has blocked Maama Fiina from extending help to Akum Sophia and her 13 year old daughter whom she had with Remmie’s husband Raymond Bindeeba.

Reliable sources imitated to BOOM.UG that after seeing Sophia crying for help on TV, traditional herbalist Sophia Namutebi alias Maama Fiina decided to give her a helping hand. She allegedly called a number of people seeking advise on how to help the frustrated mother better and word reached Remmie.

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When she got the information that her husband’s baby mama was about to get help, she called and warned Maama Fiina against involving herself in matters that do not concern her. 

“Mama Fiina wanted to pay school fees for Bindeeba’s child with Sophia but Remmie called Maama Fiina and stopped her. She spitted venom and warned her from involving herself in Bindeeba’s issues. Remmie told Maama Fiina to take off her hands from her husband’s family issues,” BOOM.UG source said.

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“It looked like Remmie is even trying to stand in the way of that kid, from even any outsider who is willing to help,” Source added. 

It should be recalled that during her live wire show days ago, Remmy asked all her husband’s baby maamas to take his children to her if they have DNA test results confirming that the children are his. 

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