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“I don’t consider him an artiste, he’s a hustler,” Da Agent blasts Gravity Omutujju as ‘Big Boys’ war rages on

Luga Flow artistes have never been on the same page in Uganda as each keeps claiming he is the best!.

After a bitter war with Navio over the ‘Big Boys’ poster, Gravity Omutujju is facing another attack from singer Ivan Wabwire also known as Da Agent.

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For starters, the bitter war started after the Big Boy list Gravity made excluding Da Agent. Da Agent also made his own list and excluded Gravity.

According to Da Agent, the reason why he didn’t include Gravity is that he doesn’t see him as an artist. Da Agent said Gravity Omutujju should make lists of his fellow hustlers who lift loads in the markets.

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“Gravity si muyimbi, oyo muyiribi. I don’t consider Gravity as an artist. I see him as a hustler because his songs are just overplayed but they are not great songs therefore, he does not qualify to be on the list of great men with great music.

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“In fact, Gravity Omutujju should be making lists of his fellow hustlers down in the market not in the music industry,” Da Agent said during an interview with local television.