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Museveni’s NRM plotted Spanish journalist Sumy Carrasco’s death, details emerge

Spanish journalist Sumaya Carrasco Sadurni aka Sumy and her driver sadly died on Tuesday following a fatal accident in Kiryandogo.

The photo journalist was active in Uganda during the 2021 general elections and she is remembered for having extensively covered the violence that took place before, during, and after the elections.

Ugandans have through social media mourned her and sent their condolences and among these is National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

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Through his Facebook, the former presidential candidate has pointed out how her work almost got her arrested after the government suspected her to be a spy.

“Her work prompted certain regime spokespersons to refer to her as a CIA agent. At one point, she was forced to flee from one of our press conferences in Kamwokya citing threats she was facing due to her work in Uganda,” Bobi wrote.

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A number of NUP supporters have also through their social media platforms alleged that having reported the 2021 elections, Sumy must have been killed by the government with fear that she may expose their dirty linen.

“These days they nolonger use bullets to their targets, now they will either poison you or arrange a well planned accident for their targets,” Karen WaBarbie said.

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“Many foreign journalists were forced out of the country, I guess she resisted and that was the outcome,” Darren Monica.

“Foreign news reporter dies in Uganda. Sumy dies in a planned car accident, Sumy was one of the foreign news reporters who reported the deadly 2021 Uganda elections,” JJemba Rover Jr.

The hit and run truck that knocked Sumy and her driver’s car has not been found.