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VIDEO: Rickman concedes to depending on girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba for survival

If there’s any celebrity whose relationships are given so much attention in Uganda, then it’s NBS Television show host Sheila Gashumba. 

The self proclaimed Lil Stunner always has people talking when she gets into a new relationship. 

Sheilah is currently dating singer Rickman Manrick but netizens have pointed out that she is controlling. They claim Rickman is being controlled because Sheila is the one funding him since he looks to be broke.

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When asked if indeed he depends on his girlfriend financially, Rickman angrily stressed that he has a job and like any other person earns from it. 

“Do you have any problems with it? Anyway, I have shows which I’m going for right now, I also own Watoto Wasoka and we got an endorsement with La Liga so I work but I don’t show off like some of you.  But still, a woman has to look after her man,” He said. 

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Rickman and Sheilah made their relationship public in May 2021 months after she broke up with God’s Plan, born Marcus Ali Lwanga.

Watch the video below: