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Cindy celebrates Sheebah’s exit from TNS, here is why

Since 2019 when Cindy launched a war on her fellow singer Sheebah Karungi, the two have not been in good terms.

The war saw the two sending insults to each other for days through social and mainstream media. For example, the “Sunset” hitmaker said that she was not ready for a proposed music battle with Queen Karma explaining that she (Sheebah) is a CD artist who can not sing live adding that she is a dummy who is controlled by her music label.

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“Most of the female artistes right now don’t write their own music, they are all under labels. They are being told and taught what to do. They are funded so they are basically dummies,” Cindy proudly said during an interview on UBC when she was asked about her music battle with Sheebah.

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Cindy proudly stated that she is better than all Ugandan female artists because she single handedly manages her music and has proven to be the best after staying on the scene for many years.

Sheebah recently split from Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep ( TNS ) and was replaced with the 17 year old Pinky.
Upon hearing the news today, Cindy has celebrated her exit claiming that she needs to be independent.

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“Good for her, independence is better in this industry of ours,” Cindy responded to the news