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NBS TV star Sheilah Salta’s ex-boyfriend Max faints after netting her ‘live in the act’ with his friend at Ruger’s show

NBS Television presenter Sheila Salta broke up with her long time lover Maxwell Kizito months ago leaving him completely heartbroken.  

While speaking on Galaxy FM days ago, the Zungu revealed that he was so disappointed when he caught Sheila swapping saliva with his long time friend. 

“I am so heartbroken and I’m finding it difficult to move on. Sheilah used, abused and disrespected me in public. I found her kissing a long time from mine at Ruger’s show. I’m completely done with her this time,” He said painfully.

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He added that even after breaking up with her, he still supported her financially but she has never been grateful. 

“I miss her son so much so when they went to Nairobi for a trip I was so touched when she told me that she didn’t have enough money to pay so he can enjoy all the fun activities he wanted. I then sent her money to make sure she’s financially okay. Even on Christmas, I sent her all the money I had, I sent millions and millions and I failed to celebrate Christmas myself since I was left broke, but she didn’t even say thank you to me,” Maxwell disclosed. 

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Furthermore, he explained that he learned a lesson from his relationship with her and that he is now ready to make good choices when choosing his next girlfriend. 

“I’m never dating light skinned women again, they are so proud because they think they are beautiful. The darker the belly the sweeter,” He stressed.

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Maxwell started dating Sheilah when he was only 17 years old. After dating for many years, he decided to put their relationship to the next level and he proposed in October 2020.