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“All I ever wanted was to become a lawyer,” Bad Black tells heart-touching Story

Renown Ugandan thigh Vendor Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has revealed that she didn’t want to become the woman she is now. 

Despite the fact that many know her for her ‘sumbie’ vending business, Black has explained that growing up, her dream was to become a lawyer and help get justice for women. 

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“Being raised by a struggling single mother, my dream was to become a lawyer so I can defend women who are going through injustices and counsel those who are depressed,” she said in a Facebook post. 

Her dreams were later crushed after she messed up and got pregnant at an early age. 

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“Life started with me an early age by 16 years, I was already pregnant. By 20 years, I was already a professional thief, by 23 I was already a convict, by 32 years I am already bruised and strong,” She added.

The Masolo Queen dropped out of school while in Senior Two. She is currently engaged to her long time lover Asha Panda and has four children from her past relationships. 

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