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Netizens roast Don Zella for alleged faking of her Zungu hubby’s death, shocking details surface

At the start of February 2022, the Facebook blogger also socialite Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella reportedly that her husband James Matthew passed away from Abu Dhabi Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi. 

James had been on oxygen for two weeks following a battle with Covid 19. 

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The US based socialite didn’t reveal the cause of Matthew’s death but many claimed he succumbed to Covid-19.

While announcing his death to her fans and friends on social media, Don included her contacts and directed people to use them to send her condolences. This attracted back lash from critics who claimed she was using her husband’s death to beg for money. 

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Facebook blogger Jose Da Blogger has today morning revealed that Matthew’s contact is still going through and after contacting him, he said he is out of danger. 

“I’m getting better,” a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation purported to be his shows he answered a friend who was concerned about his health. 

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Social is currently on fire with many bitterly attacking the facebook blogger. However she is yet to respondto the reports.