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“Hubby rewarded my sweetness and timely feeding him on ‘sumbie’ with a car,” Hellen Lukoma boasts

Valentine’s day went smooth for actress cum singer Hellen Lukoma after her loving husband Anwar Kaka gifted her a brand new Range Rover worth millions of money. 

Many social media users have been wondering what the singer gave to her husband to love her so much.

Lukoma has answered their questions saying that she has done a lot for him including giving him two precious children and her sumbie whenever he wants. 

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“People are saying I only offer sex to him, let them also try giving their husbands sex and see if they will get the Range Rover. They say that I just spread my leg but I assure you that I spread my leg in a sweet way that he gifted me with the range Rover now they can also try. But I also have worked hard and given him alot, for example, I have given him children,” She stressed.

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Hellen Lukoma Plots Mega Music Comeback, Taking Acting Seriously
Hellen Lukoma

The singer also said that she doesn’t care what haters say about her marriage . 

“I don’t care. Even if it ends In tears like they say, I will cry those tears and move on,” She said.

Lukoma has also addressed reports that she is pregnant with her third child.

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” I’m not pregnant, in the video that you saw I was just filming a movie,” She clarified.