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God’s Plan is right to attack Rickman, he looks like rat poison – Full Figure

Presidential advisor Full Figure real name Nakangubi Jennifer has blasted singer Derrick Ddungu known by his stage name Rickman Manrick over Sheilah Gashumba.

This came after God’s Plan, Sheilah Gashumba’s ex-boyfriend staged a war on her and her current boyfriend Rickman saying he is a snatcher and Sheilah is a witch.

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According to Full Figure, God’s Plan is right to attack Rickman because he is not capable of looking after Sheilah Gashumba like he used to do and he does not even love her.

Motor mouthed Full Figure said Rickman is not the type of a man to date a girl like Sheilah because he personally looks like rat poison.

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Full Figure further claimed that God’s Plan loved Sheilah with all his heart.

“I don’t like that ka boy Sheilah Gashumba is dating now, he looks like rat poison. He is not smart, he has no money he is nothing. God’s Plan is a real man, he looked after Sheilah Gashumba with all his heart and he really loved her. Sheilah should leave that boy,” Full Figure said.

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