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Gravity Omutujju’s dancer Trisha Woodz wages war on event organisers after falling off from stage

Singer Gravity Omutujju’s dancer Trisha Woodz is not happy with events organizers. This came after she broke down the stage while dancing with her boss.

In an interview with local television, 22years old Bujju revealed that the stage was very weak and poorly built.

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Gravity with Trisha Woodz

She urged event organizers to always build firm stages because the energy of an artist tends to increase when they get on stage and connect with the audience.

“Event organizers should start building strong stages. Last weekend I fell off stage with Gravity Omutujju due to a poor stage. I think these organizers should always think about the artists who will perform because some artists have a lot of energy,” Trisha Woodz said

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Trisha Woodz said she was fortunate enough in that she didn’t get any injuries after falling off the stage