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Doggy Baur and Violah Nakitende hunted over fraud

Producer Diggy Baur and his artist Violah Nakitende are being hunted by a one Bonan Biral accusing them of defrauding his boss for $50000 which is equivalent to Shs180million.

Biral alleges that Baur sold Nakitende to his boss but has not fulfilled what he promised. 

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“Baur and Viola Nakitende I’m taking you to police tomorrow. You contacted me and I took you to my boss at Muganzirwaza and you picked $50000 and sold Violah to us but now you are releasing more music,” Biral said in a video.

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Biral warned Ugandans against working with Ugandan artists and managers saying that most of them have turned into crooks and are most likely to end up running with People’s money just the way the aforementioned individuals did to him.