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Abitex vows to punish Pallaso

We recently reported to you how singer Pallaso was forced to sweep streets in Masaka city after he turned up late for his show which took place at Maria Flow Hotel on Monday night.

After doing the community work, the “Malamu ” hitmaker took to his socials and apologised for disappointing his fans saying that they were right to punish him.

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Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex has warned the singer and events organizers and vowed to punish them if they fail to fulfill promises made to their fans again. 

“Pallaso together with your management, reduce the greed you have. Because it is unethical to book many shows and not fulfill your promise to the masses.

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“If you fail to heed this warning, as promoters we shall sit and have a decision that you won’t like. Respect your supporters because they made you who you are. You aren’t big as you think,” Abitex posted.