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Singer Weasel bitterly attacks Nigeria’s Chike for performing GoodLife music last night

Mowzey Radio’s death had a huge impact on his fans worldwide. To date, people are still paying their tributes to him in different ways. 

We have witnessed musicians like Wiz Kid and Rude Boy among others perform his music while in Uganda as their way of paying tribute. 

Last night, Nigerian singer Chike performed Radio & Weasel ft Wiz Kid’s famous “Breath Aaway” song during his show at Serena.

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Weasel however has through social media said that the ‘Boo of the Booless’ didn’t get his consent to perform the song. He has blasted Ugandan events organisers for bringing disrespectful musicians in the country. 

“Ugandan events organisers why do you invite international artists to come and perform our own songs without consulting us? WTF lwaki mutujjooga nyoo man?” He partly said. 

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He added that he will let anyone perform the songs as long as they ask for his permission.

“There is no one we can refuse to give rights to perform or pay tribute to our very own as long as you go through the right channels .. .show some respect. Come inquire and ask for permission. If Wizkid, Rudeboy, Psquare can come and ask for permission then who are you? I think we have been too silent we gonna start going Abit hard on this thing,” Weasel stressed.

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