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Home Entertainment Pray for Tycoon Brian White: City moneybags in critical condition (See Photos)

Pray for Tycoon Brian White: City moneybags in critical condition (See Photos)

In 2017, just months after the death of Rich gang’s member Ivan Ssemwanga, Uganda witnessed the emergency of a new tycoon Brian Kirumira aka Brian White who was then only 33 years old.

Just like Ssemwanga, Brian started giving out free cash to Ugandans hence getting more famous in the country. 

Many wondered where the young man got his money and later attached him to the government when a picture of him posing with president Museveni surfaced online.

It was alleged that Museveni was using Brian to divert country men and women from the issues which were moving on in the country at that time. 

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However, things became terrible for the young tycoon in May 2020 when one of his employees at Brian White Foundation named Stella Nandawula accused him of torturing and raping her countless times. Other women also emerged with the same accusations forcing him to lay low. 

In May 2021, Parliament Called for his immediate arrest and prosecution on charges of human trafficking saying that he not only tortured and raped the ladies but he also confined them in his house unlawfully. 

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He was also summoned to Parliament but he didn’t make it with claims that he was terribly down with a strange illness. 

Different celebrities whom he offered free money during his prime days paid him a visit at his home where he was allegedly receiving treatment and Bad Black was among them. She however later revealed that he was forging the illness to avoid appearing before Parliament. 

Since then, the faded tycoon has not appeared in public yet and he doesn’t seem to still be having the huge sums of money he always bragged about. 

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Pictures of someone who looks like him have now surfaced online where many Ugandans are jubilating over his fall and others left shocked. 

In the pictures, the man is in a very critical condition and unrecognizable. He looks like someone suffering from a terrible disease that forced him to lose so much weight and have only bones on his body.

“Brian White Ani Atakulaba, nga wakava Italy , Nate ndowooza okakasiza nti ekigenda okunywa ku chillinga ne ba big boys. Nga wali oyogera bubi kasajja get,” One Ugandan commented on the pictures.