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Prima Kardashi breaks Geosteday’s heart again as she promises new hubby ‘twins’

Singer Geosteady’s ex-wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi has promised current boyfriend Mr. Henrie, real name Henry Arinitwea pair of twins.

Prima and Mr. Henrie have been together for the last two years and the couple looks to be going stronger each day.

In an interview with a local television, the mother of two and CEO of Prima Lusaniya Prima Kardashi said Mr. Henrie has loved her right and if all keeps going on well in their relationship she will give him twins.

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Prima went ahead and advised young girls to never settle for less especially in a relationship when they feel they are not loved the right way they should move away and look for the right person.

Geosteady’s ex said women no matter at what age should never give up on love because being loved is the strongest feeling ever.

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“I love Mr. Henrie with my everything because he has loved me right and he has showed me my worth. I am promising him, twins, if everything keeps going on well like it is now. I know every relationship has ups and downs but I believe we are stronger,” Prima said.

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