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“She is sweet, she does it the best way, I can’t stop chewing her ‘sumbie'” NBS TV’s sharpshooter MC Casmir opens on cheating saga

MC Casmir releases a statement about the cheating saga (See screenshot)

Social media in Uganda was sent into a meltdown after a surfaced tape of NBS Television presenter MC Casmir real name Mukisa Kimenyi busy terminating a married woman’s ‘sumbie’.

Despite seeing the TV star fearful, handcuffed, and begging police to forgive him over cheating, all seems ware crocodile tears after his latest statements on the cheating saga.

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MC Casmir who proposed to his girlfriend in 2018 during her time at Urban TV has vowed never to stop bonking the married woman claiming “she’s sweet and very good in bed”.

During an interview with a local Television, Casmir revealed that he has been dating the same woman for over two months because she’s nolonger living with the alleged husband.

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“I love that woman because she is hard-working, beautiful, and good in bed. I will not leave her. That woman broke up with her husband and that’s why he decided to expose us on social media. I have been dating that woman for two months and I will not stop,” MC Casmir said.

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Casmir stressed that he will have to deal with everyone who was behind his privacy exposure.