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“You’ll never be as good as my wife,” Museveni’s son Gen Kainerugaba attacks NTV journalist Olivia over Kakwenza statements

Twitter was on fire on Wednesday evening after Poet Kankwenza Rukirabashaija revealed that he safely fled Uganda and was on his way to Europe even when his passport is still in the hands of the Ugandan government. 

The news about his escape didn’t go well with first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as he took to Twitter and stated that he does not know who Kakwenza is and that reports that he was already in Rwanda while on his way to Europe are untrue. 

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“I don’t know who this young boy is whom they say was beaten! I never heard of him until the media started talking about him. I’ve never met him or talked to him and I have no desire to do so. I have just been speaking to President @PaulKagame and he says he is not in Rwanda!!” Muhoozi tweeted. 

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Just like many other Ugandans on Twitter, NTV Uganda’s journalist Olivia Komugisha responded to Muhoozi’s tweet asking him to speak about the continued torture of Ugandans.

“You’re not even trying address #Torture but rather say “..whom they say was beaten.” If he is a young boy and you’re not concerned about him then you have no business disturbing another president’s peace to find out the whereabouts of the “young boy” #EndTortureInUganda,” she said.

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Muhoozi’s diehards attacked her for the tweet and he (Muhoozi) gave them a go ahead and told them to remind her that she’s not a goddess like his wife. 

“@KK_Mellon can you tell this small girl, Olivia, to get off my case?? She really has nothing for me at all! She’ll never compare to the goddesses in my life! Goddess no.1 is called Charlotte Kainerugaba…my wife!!” He stated.