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REVEALED: Why Robin Kisti quit billionaire SK Mbuga’s STV

It’s only months since former NTV Uganda Presenter Robin Kisti joined SK Mbuga’s STV and she has already had issues with the station which have allegedly forced her to resign. 

According to BOOM.UG sources from STV, Kisti asked the media house to let her use their company car to transport her to and from work with excuses that her personal car had mechanical problems. She reportedly promised to return it sooner after she had repaired hers. 

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BOOM.UG can confirm this information because Kisti used to post videos of the said car parked at her home. 

Months passed without the media Personality returning the car. She allegedly started using it to travel to other places to do businesses not related to her STV work and refused other employees from using it. 

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While it was being given to her, the company is said to have directed her to always leave it at their offices during weekends but she allegedly didn’t adhere to the directives as she used it for her own purposes even during those days.

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The car was later forcefully taken away from her by the company leaving her embarrassed hence opting to quit. 

She has been presenting the 100 degrees show with Mosh Mulla who is now hosting it alone.

Before getting the job, Kisti made noise on social media fighting NBS television after they hired Sheilah Gashumba instead of her.