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“More Money” hitmaker Napoleon is dead

Ugandan Singer Asiimwe Innocent Napoleon is popularly known for his hit song “More Money” has sadly passed away. 

Napoleon became popular in the 2000s when his song dominated airwaves. 

Unfortunately, he got exposed to drugs and his career went down. Since that hit song, he never released any other song. 

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In 2014, the singer said he was returning to the music scene with a new song.

“I had an operation and they told me to stay away from singing for five years. But now that the years are over, I have a new song called give it to me which I’m about to release. Many people abandoned me. I don’t have any friends now,” He stated while sipping on alcohol and looking intoxicated.

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In 2018, the news went around that he had run mad and was being taken care of from Butabika. His condition was attributed to drug addiction.