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Home Entertainment Kojja Kitonsa visits Grace Khan, admits to fathering her baby

Kojja Kitonsa visits Grace Khan, admits to fathering her baby

Kojja Kitonsa visits Grace Khan, admits he's the father of her baby

When singer Grace Khan’s pregnancy news hit social media, there were many questions on who was responsible for planting a live seed. 

There were allegations that the singer herself didn’t know the specific man who got her pregnant and that four men were claiming to be responsible.

One of Khan’s alleged ex-lover Kojja Kitonsa was reportedly among those four men. 

It should be recalled that Khan who was signed by Kitonsa appeared on social media to be so close to him hence the allegations that they were dating. 

In fact, there were also rumours that Kiotonsa’s wife Sumayiya had an exchange of words with Khan.

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Khan blasted all the rumours that Kitonsa was responsible for her pregnancy and revealed that it belonged to her fellow singer Prince Omar. At first, Omar denied the pregnancy but after getting checked on social media, he accepted he was the father of Khan’s daughter Illiona. 

Two months after Illiona’s birth, Kitonsa and his wife Sumayiya visited Khan to congratulate her upon giving birth. 

During an interview with a local YouTuber, Kitonsa who was seated next to Khan at her home was asked if the rumours that he is the father of the baby are true or false. 

Kojja Kitonsa visits Grace Khan, admits he's the father of her baby

Kitonsa admitted that they are true but clarified that he is just her God father.

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“Grace Khan’s child is mine. That’s because Grace is like my sister and that means I’m the baby’s father. If it ( baby ) grows and Grace tells me that she is going to school, I swear I will make sure I buy her books,” He said.

He added that Grace informed him about the pregnancy and he advised her to keep it.

“She called me when she was two months pregnant and asked me what to do. I told her she was now a mature person and it was time for her to become a parent. If I was responsible for it like the allegations claimed, I would have done something about it and all of you wouldn’t have known about that pregnancy at all,” Kitonsa explained.

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Kitonsa’s wife Sumayiya held Grace’s baby like hers and clarified that there has never been any fights between them.

 “I have never had any problems with Grace Khan. I’m her number one fan. She’s like my sister, I can’t hate her. We always have to leave the past behind. I knew it wasn’t true when they said that Kisonsa was responsible for her pregnancy, but I can’t blame those who said it,” Sumayiya said.