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VIDEO: Angry Winnie Nwagi blasts critics of her dress code to ‘go and hang!’

For years, talented Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has received plenty of stick from Ugandans for her notorious sense of style and dress.

The singer has always been at the loggerheads with most of her social media followers who seem to disagree with what they think is an inappropriate dress code and a source of immorality and a negative influence on the youth.

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The “Sasi Kunyama” hitmaker has been quiet for a long but has come out to say she has had enough of the criticism and can be out in full fury.

Nwagi has told off all her haters to go and hang, saying she does not care what they think about her dress code.

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“I want you all to go and hang. Let each one of you get a tree to hang on. You are so disrespectful, eh. Someone is enjoying and you get annoyed, are you, witches? Don’t you have relatives to care about?” She fumed.

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Despite being a top singer and a tantalizing, Nwagi is also known for her raunchy pictures and videos that she always posts on her social media platforms, oblivious of what society has to say.

Watch the video below: